I can only draw what I see.

- Claude Monet

About Plein Air

En plein air is a French expression meaning “in the open air,” and refers to the act of painting outdoors with the artist’s subject in full view. Plein air artists capture the spirit and essence of a land­scape or sub­ject by incor­po­rat­ing nat­ural light, color and move­ment into their works.


The 2016 Red Brick Plein Air Festival consists of 5 days of painting time for the artists followed by many different types of events where the public can meet the artists and view the entire portfolios of work inspired by Aspen.


Artists participating in the Plein Air Festival have been selected through an application process reviewed by a jury of experienced plein air artists. All of our participating artists reside within the state of Colorado, with nearly half of the artists located in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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